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Poor sound can be a turn-off and could quickly turn your high-value production into one that sound low quality and cheap. Whether you’re recording on-site or in the studio for podcasts, videos or voiceovers, quality audio is how you take your production from good to great.

Tandem has nearly 50 years of experience, a huge choice of voices in our voice agency, we’ve produced award-winning podcasts and created great radio commercials and jingles, so you can trust that we will take your audio recording to another level.

Tandem Studios has been creating quality commercial audio since 1974 and is the South Island’s primary audio and voice production studio for audio production in Auckland and Christchurch, for Online / Website VideoRadio CommercialsVoice OverDVD’sAudio Post Production, and Music Production & Recording. Our qualified, experienced audio technician and world-class digital production facilities ensure a high-quality result. 

Our voice agency has over 200 voices, including a host of international voices. We also offer professional audio engineering services for other requirements, such as ADR & Source Connect and Audio Restoration (forensic audio).

Tandem Studios are podcast audio production experts. Tandem’s ‘2005 NZ Election Series’ Podcasts were a world first! We proudly worked with Fairfax Media to produce the award winning podcast, Black Hands, an investigation into the David Bain case. The series has over 5 million downloads and was the number one podcast in New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and the UK.

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