Case Study: Local government

Transparency, reliability and accessibility

Tandem has worked in the local government space since 2013, live streaming and archiving Council and Committee meetings for greater public accessibility. Each Council we work with receives a custom designed live streaming system and archive website, plus the team behind the tech that continues to provide a professional and reliable solution.

Main services:

Bespoke live streaming systems working with Council branding, suppliers and equipment

Custom built archiving websites for on-demand viewing and record keeping

Dedicated live streaming technicians, ongoing service and support

The Council experts

We’ve worked with Auckland and Christchurch Council’s to capture and archive more than 10 years worth of Council and Committee meetings with  custom designed live streaming systems and archive websites. Timaru District Council is our newest Council client, joining with us in mid 2022.

Each solution was unique, but continues to meet their transparency, accessibility, record-keeping and financial requirements. Both Auckland and Christchurch’s systems have gone through a few changes and upgrades over the years to keep up to date with the newest technology, but each one continues to offer the same functionality and accessibility as the day it was installed.

On average we livestream a meeting once per week, with two technicians in-chambers right next to the action. One person is running the live stream while the other is editing the meeting live through the streaming platform into individual agenda items. This makes it easier for people to view each meeting on demand. All videos are uploaded to a dedicated website for long term archiving.

We’ve also established portable temporary live streaming systems in each of Christchurch City Council’s community boardrooms. This is an interim solution while they wait for full AV installs and offers public accessibility for Community Board meetings.

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