Top channels to publish your podcast

Congratulations on finishing your podcast! You might think that listening to the final audio file is the final step in what can be a lengthy production process, but it’s not over yet. You need to publish it somewhere that people will be able to find and enjoy it as much as you.

If you want to reach as many listeners as possible your best bet is to publish the series on every podcast directory available. This might seem daunting, considering there’s probably hundreds of websites and apps available for this now, but don’t be overwhelmed. We’ve done the hard work for you and researched the main ones for you to pick from.


A podcast needs to be hosted somewhere in order for it to be published on different platforms (so you can’t just upload the mp3’s of each episode to whichever platform you’re posting to, mainly because you’ll be doing this forever). Setting all of this up is the most time consuming part, although it doesn’t actually take that long. Once it’s done, the platforms will automatically update whenever you upload a new episode.

Now you’re asking “how do I host my podcast?” That’s easy! Again, just choose an online hosting service that suits your needs. Here’s a few suggestions:


The one that’s been around for ages and covers all of your main audio hosting needs. 


An all-in-one podcast host offering monetisation and audio live streaming on top of regular features.


Another pretty standard hosting service, boasting “everything you need to host, promote, and track your podcast”


Add platform distribution, video hosting and WordPress integration and you’ve got Castos.


A fairly well known hosting platform, with pricing based on account storage not minutes of content.

We always recommend Soundcloud, just because it’s always been reliable and fits our client’s needs. But the choice is yours, just tell us where to upload everything!


1. Apple Podcasts

Without a doubt the biggest podcast platform in the world. Formerly iTunes, it’s been the go-to for podcasters since 2005 and is the first one you should be sharing your content to.

2. Spotify

With more than 200M monthly users, you need to make use of Spotify’s well-known presence in the audio world to start getting in front of all those android users.

3. Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts is fairly new to the game only being launched in 2019. But coming under the power umbrella that is Google, this platform offers cool features that make your podcast even more accessible – like having podcasts showing up in Google search results.

4. Stitcher

Stitcher built it’s credibility while podcasting was still becoming a thing, but recently has been bumped down the list since Google Podcasts came into play. It’s still really well known in NZ and offers greater access for those who like to listen while they drive, wokring with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

5. iHeartRadio

This is probably the last big one that everyone in NZ knows, mainly because of the cross-promotion and cross-broadcasting from all our major radio stations. Getting in front of the slightly older demographic that thinks they just have a world of radio stations at their fingertips opens your series up to another group of listeners.

6. YouTube

We were going to keep it tidy with 5 at the top, but YouTube is an interesting one to expand on because of it’s recent move into the audio world with YouTube Music. YouTube isn’t just a popular video platform anymore, it’s a widely renowned media platform that the big players in the audio industry have been nailing for years. “Falling down a YouTube rabbit hole” isn’t just a silly saying, let the millions of people staying up until the wee hours of the morning and getting stuck in that rabbit hole show you how this platform can really enhance your reach.


6. Castbox

7. Podcast Addict

8. Overcast

9. Pocket Casts

10. Podchaser

11. Tune In

12. Pandora

13. Downcast

14. PodCruncher

15. iCatcher

16. Castaway 2

17. Podcast Republic

18. BeyondPod

19. AntennaPod

20. doubleTwist

21. RadioPublic

22. Listen Notes

23. Castro

24. Deezer

25. Anypod

26. PlayerFM

27. Learning Out Loud

28. iPodder

29. Acast

Like we said, it looks overwhelming. But that’s where we come in. Part of our podcast service is to not only help with the production of your project, but to get it set up and distributed properly so the world either knows where to find it, or stumbles upon it and instantly becomes obsessed. 

Have a chat with our team about creating your next (or your first) podcast, and make sure to highlight the platforms on this list you want us to share it to.