The return of in-person conferences

Even though COVID-19 seems to be part of everyday life, there’s still many things that are only just getting back to normal. One of our core service continues to be remote live streaming solutions for people who can’t attend the event in-person, alongside the regular on-location livestreams and video shoots. We were stoked to join Consilium on-location once again for their annual Foundations Conference, the first time since before COVID.

The conference, held at the Rydges Latimer Square over two days, saw several speakers from New Zealand and Australia gather to provide updates from the world of financial advice. Our team attended both days of the conference, filming each individual presentation and editing them into individual clips for post-event viewing and sharing. These videos can be repurposed over all of Consilium’s core channels to promote their services and create on-going content.

Getting back to the normal in-person conferences has been a huge relief for companies like Consilium, whose people thrive on networking and industry connections. While we’ve been privileged to help these companies connect remotely during lockdown, we understand the excitement behind finally getting to catchup with old friends and colleagues.


We look forward to continuing work with Consilium, whether that’s on-location or remotely, and we’ll be joining them again in October to film their annual Partner Conference at the Christchurch Town Hall.