Using data and analytics to enhance your content

It’s no secret that our whole online lives are based around data. Remember when Facebook advertised that pair of shoes to you in your news feed? That’s because you searched for it at some point beforehand, and that company has decided to re-target you to try and make a sale. Companies collecting data on their users is getting more and more common, but so will their use of the data to give their audience more of what they want.

We have access to more data than ever before and we now have the means to use it to enhance our experiences. When we run live streams for our clients, we offer post-stream analytics as part of our offerings so they can see how people viewed and interacted during the event. This helps our clients to understand their audience better, being able to give them more of what they want next time.

Our live streams are usually run through online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook. Each of these platforms provides their own analytics, although they offer much the same stats between them nowadays. Here’s an overview of the types of statistics you can get access to after your event has finished:

  • Overall view numbers
  • Watch time
  • Traffic source (how viewers accessed the stream, direct through YouTube or an external website for example)
  • Geography (where in the world each viewer watched from)
  • Viewer age
  • Viewer gender
  • Device type (which device each viewer watched on)

We also work with third-party software to provide more in-depth analytics. How can you get more in-depth than this you say? Some third-party software allows us to see user-specific analytics (how much time a specific user watched the stream for example). These user-specific analytics are usually generated based on the email address each user used to register, so it’s a good idea to keep these handy somewhere along with the correct names of each registered viewer.

It’s a scary concept to many people, being followed, watched and listened to by the apps and devices that we use all day. But from a content creation standpoint, analytics are the most powerful tools companies can use to enhance their communications. Want to know more? Chat to our team.