Livestreaming Council Meetings: How Timaru District Council is Increasing Transparency and Community Engagement

Livestreaming council meetings is a great way to increase transparency and accessibility for the community. We’ve recently partnered up with the Timaru District Council (TDC) to improve their meeting livestreams, providing residents with the ability to stay informed and engaged with the decisions being made that affect their community. With the ability to watch the meetings from the comfort of their own home, residents may be more inclined to engage with their council or attend meetings. This can lead to a more inclusive and representative decision-making process.

One of the main benefits of livestreaming council meetings is increased transparency and accessibility for the community. By streaming the meetings online, residents who are unable to attend in person can still stay informed and engaged with the decisions being made that affect their community. Additionally, livestreaming allows for greater accountability for council members and their actions, as their decisions and discussions can be easily viewed by the public.

We’ve worked with Timaru District Council to setup an enhanced livestreaming solution which includes on-site equipment in the Council chambers used to cut between camera and presentation feeds ensuring a higher quality stream. Our solution included everything from system design and installation, integrating current chambers audio/visual equipment to the ongoing operation of each livestream each meeting.

The solution chosen by TDC included an on-site technician to manage and run each meeting livestream, who is responsible for ensuring that the stream runs smoothly and that any technical issues that may arise are quickly resolved.

Our solution is scalable and the ability to add additional cameras at a later date will allow TDC to expand their livestreaming capabilities as needed. On-site support with backup from remote technicians based in Christchurch is provided as well as regular site visits and check-ins, ensuring that the system is running at its optimal level.

Overall, the Timaru District Council’s decision to use our enhanced livestreaming solution is a positive step towards greater transparency and community engagement. By allowing residents to stay informed and participate in the decision-making process, the Council can work towards the betterment of their community while adhering to their legal obligations and protecting sensitive information.