Shorten your live video length for optimal engagement

Hold onto your hats – the optimal video length for different platforms is changing again!

It can be frustrating having to keep up with the ever-changing requirements for online content on every different channel, but that’s what you’re here for – so you can rely on experts like us to keep you updated!

The rise of live streaming in recent years has prompted many social channels to throw their hat in the ring and allow long form video as well as live video onto their platforms. We always refer to live streaming in the context of events, conferences, presentations and so on, but there’s a whole world of live streaming out there that covers so much more…

Following the success of TikTok, stats are now showing that viewers are hungry for more short-form content, which means longer form live streams need to be a thing of the past or saved for the right channel (like YouTube). 

If you want to reach a different audience (most likely younger through places like TikTok) but all means live stream, but make it shorter. Optimising your content for each individual channel is so important, even though it can be time consuming. When you’re creating content, look online for the most recent optimisation stats and best ways to repurpose that content for each channel – or have a chat to us!

The maximum video length allowed for a video on TikTok is 3 minutes, but the optimal length for best engagement is only up to 15 seconds. As always, it’s depends on the content – if the viewer is interested, they’ll watch until the end, so spark their interest right away or you’ll lose them!

Consider a highlights reel from your livestream or highlight clips of a few bits to catch their attention, or go live for quick updates to preview upcoming events.