Lead up to the FMG Young Farmer Grand Finals

After partnering with NZ Young Farmers on their Regional Finals, it’s now time for one of our favourite events of the year – Season 54 of the FMG Young Farmer of the Year Grand Finals!

Every year up to 300 contestants battle it out for the top spot and this year we’re heading to Whangārei. Our crew will film and livestream three jam packed days filled with challenges, tests, ceremonies and speeches. Each day runs for up to 18 hours, with various crew and visitors trekking around to different locations to catch the action.

Our three person crew will work together over four days to film or live stream each event with multi-camera coverage to the FMG Young Farmer Facebook page and YouTube channel. When they’re not filming, they’ll be editing together various videos showcasing the week within a quick timeframe to play out on the final night during the awards ceremony. Previous years have seen hundreds of people tune in and watch online.

This will be the third year we’ve worked on this amazing event, and our recent live streams of all the Regional Finals leading up to this have promised a good one!

The Regional Finals have been held all over the country over the last few months, from Gore to Auckland. Each day consisted of live streaming Head to Head events, general filming of what was happening throughout the day and conducting interviews with contestants, capturing the Junior Young Farmer Face Off and AgriKids Race off and finishing with live streaming the evening show where the winner is announced. It’s a busy day for the single-person crew! Here’s the line up of promising young farmers for this years’ event:

  • Tim Dangen (northern region)
  • Chris Poole (Waikato Bay of Plenty region)
  • David Reesby (Taranaki Manawatu region)
  • Mark Wallace (East Coast region)
  • Jonny Brown (Tasman region)
  • Tom Adkins (Aorangi region)
  • Alex Field (Otago Southland region)

And here’s what’s on if you’re heading to the event or tuning in online:

  • Thursday 7th July – Opening Ceremony
  • Friday 8th July – Practical Day, Speeches and Junior Awards in the evening
  • Saturday 9th July – Grand Final Awards Night

All information on the contest can be found on the FMG Young Farmer of the Year website. Check out some of our behind-the-scenes from last year!